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Webinar 2012 - Other Health Impairments (OHI)


The transcript for this video is available here.

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  • Presenter: Charles W. Jelley, Esq., L.L.M.
  • Date: March 13, 2012


In this webinar, Attorney Jelley begins with a review of Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) and Section 504 service agreements. He explains how the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) defines other health impairments (OHI), and he reviews how students with other health impairments can qualify for IEPs or Section 504 service agreements. He also looks at some of the unique educational needs that may need to be addressed for students with other health impairments, such as managing flare-ups and crisis situations.

During the webinar, Attorney Jelley responds to the following audience questions:

  • Who in the school district should a parent visit to find out about a child's eligibility for a 504 plan or IEP?
  • To clarify, when writing a letter of request for an IEP, one should use the keywords strength, vitality and alertness, and when requesting a 504 service agreement, one should use the phrase substantially impairs?
  • Can a child with learning disabilities, who is also medically fragile, have both an IEP and a 504 plan? "Just to clarify, a child can have an IEP and a 504, but not the other way around?"
  • Does an individual with an IEP gain any benefit or extra protection by adding a 504 plan?
  • For a child with an IEP, who has been recently diagnosed with allergies and environmental sensitivities, what does the parent need to give to the school? Does the child need a separate 504 plan in addition to the IEP?
  • Would Tourette's syndrome be considered an other health impairment?
  • Would a 504 plan or an IEP be better for a child with a heart condition?
  • Is it possible for a child with severe allergies, anxiety and eczema to attend half-day, elementary school sessions?
  • Are other parents aware of the possibility to use a webcam for their children to access classroom instruction when conditions flare up?

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