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Sports Jamboree 2013

Like the previous Sports Jamboree in 2012, the 2013 Sports Jamboree provides a weekend of events for participants who use wheelchairs or have visual impairments.

Quoted below are the details of the Sports Jamboree, taken from an e-mail sent by Angela M Anderson, Chair, Contestant Recruiting.

Check the L. H. Kinnard Chapter #7 website or contact by e-mail for more information about the event.

"What I like about the Sports Jamboree is you get to be with your friends and have fun. I think it’s really cool that you hangout with kids that have disabilities; it’s really nice that there’s something out there for us to do and have lots of fun. The events are just a great idea and so much fun. I look forward to it every year!"

(quote from an 11-year contestant of the Sports Jamboree)

Every summer, the Verizon Kinnard Pioneers hold a weekend of sports and social events for individuals age 8-25 who use wheelchairs and those who are blind or have visual impairment.

Individual events include races, archery, horseshoes, Frisbee throw, and basketball free throw. Fun team events include wheelchair basketball games and a softball game for blind participants. Contestants can compete in as many events as they want. During the award ceremony on Sunday, every participant receives individual acknowledgment, a trophy, and a medal!

**Contestants registered as using wheelchairs must compete in wheelchairs.**

Relaxed, friendly competition during the day uses adapted athletic equipment specially designed by the Pioneers, including lowered basketball hoops, beeping targets, and guided harnesses for races. A dance is held Friday evening, and a contestant talent show and karaoke are on Saturday evening.

Throughout the weekend, devoted volunteers help contestant guardians make sure that participants are safe and having fun! Contestants have individual hosts who support them during competition and make sure they have fun all weekend. The Jamboree’s "Klowns" entertain, and volunteers help contestants use protective gear and compete in events safely.

The Jamboree is held at Fort Indiantown Gap, a National Guard base. Food, lodging in accessible barracks, and accessible transportation within the Gap are provided to participants, their families, and volunteers free of charge.

**Transportation to and from the Jamboree is the responsibility of the volunteers and participants’ families. For those who do not wish to stay in the barracks, rooms are available at nearby hotels. The Jamboree does NOT cover the cost of a hotel. The committee blocks hotel rooms for contestants - contact for details.**

We hope that you’ll join us for the 31st Annual Sports Jamboree! Details are below, and forms for registration are attached. Please contact Angela Anderson with any questions at all at If your organization is interested, Angela and a contestant can give a presentation on the Jamboree.

Who: Individuals who use wheelchairs & individuals with blindness, age 8-25

Date: Friday-Sunday June 21-23, 2013

Please send in your form by June 10, 2013.

Location: Fort Indiantown Gap, PA


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