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"Respecting the Right of Parents to Make Educational Decisions for Their Children."

"PEN recognizes, supports and enhances the opportunities for children and youth with disabilities and their families to maximize their potential. PEN promotes mutual respect and collaboration between parents and professionals for the knowledge, skills and abilities each contributes to the education and development of children and youth with disabilities."

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2107 Industrial Highway, York, PA 17402
(717) 600-0100 V/TTY or
1-800-522-5827 V/TTY (Toll-Free, PA Residents Only)

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Telephone: En Español (800) 441-5028
Fax: Fax 717-600-8101

Information: PEN serves parents and families in 24 counties in eastern and central Pennsylvania, and provides parents with specific knowledge of State and Federal Laws and Regulations regarding special and general education.

Our personalized help is provided free of charge. Since our primary objective is to support parents of children, youth with disabilities and those who serve them, please feel free to call us for further information or assistance.


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PEN can help families understand special education laws.
PEN can help families understand their rights and responsibilities.
PEN can help families better understand their child's disability and educational needs.
PEN can help families connect with other community resources.
PEN can help families communicate more effectively with school and related service professionals.

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